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CMX-D-DET – Detectable Cable Marker

The detectable cable marker is extruded from a polyether-based TPU compound, optimized to the operation of the most usual metal detectors and x-ray detectors. In addition, the marker meets the requirements for food contact compliance including the EU and FDA requirements.

In food productions with open production processes, it is advised to use materials that are easily detectable. Therefore, Link Solutions offers products that are easy to detect, and thereby make an important contribution to the quality management in the food industry, particularly when following the HACCP approach.

The cable markers are supplied as an all-in-one construction, where the extruded material also works as the carrier, and they are partially perforated for easy picking after printing and supplied on rolls for thermal transfer printing. The label is fixed to the wire or cable by using detectable cable ties in both ends or single attachment with detectablec cable ties.

To test the cable markers, we have teamed up with manufacturer NOVADAN which is one of the largest players of cleaning agents in Scandinavia in the food and beverage industry.

In collaboration with their expertise and lab facilities, we have ensured and tested the CMX-DET markers to well-known cleaning agents in the industry.

The analytic report is available here Report

To ensure that the markers are detectable in X-Ray & Metal detectors we have teamed up with  Rondo, a specialist company.

The detection report is available here Report

FDA Statement

FDA  Statement

EU Statement

Eu Statement


Standard Colors

Other colors on request



Available sizes of markers for all-in-one construction


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