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WM Heatshrinkable Wiremarkers

WM89mm liner layout

WMX carrier liner layout

WM 109mm liner layout

WM wire marker carrier liner layout

Manufactured on thermal sensitive cardstock liner converted into a ladder format offering superb organization of the markers for easy printing and kitting. Supplied in ladder format design sleeves are applied for single- and double-sided printing using a specific label printer supported by a top and backing tape. The liner can also be manufactured from PET (Polyethylene) with full clear backing tape for easy pickability and low installation cost.

Product dimensions.

Max number of characters per sleeve.


Inbuilt quality control.

The liner can be retained for QA/supervisor process control where your logo, part, and batch number can be printed directly on the liner.

Backing tape options.

Supplied in tape strips for double-sided format. Several colors are available.

At Link Solutions, you find a lot of different options that are tailored for different needs. We can supply you with backing tape, which is supplied in tape strips for double-sided format. This design is created for your convenience and is easy to use. They are made in a variety of different colors, so you can choose the most suitable color for your needs. This makes color-coding easier and provides you with a number of options to organize the wire markers.

Heat Shrink Marker sleeves

Flexible polyolefin heat shrink sleeves used with wire marker printer. Supplied in a double-sided format that significantly improves the legibility of the wire markings. The wire label markers are mounted on the liner with a pre-scoring option of the polyolefin marker sleeve and allow up to four sleeves across in length 12,5mm.

The heat shrink sleeves are supplied in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios and provide quick shrinking to cover and a wide range of wire diameters giving less inventory.

Wire marker sleeves are supplied and applied in accordance with your industry and compliance requirements. The range of materials covers from high performance to commercial applications from aerospace, military, defense, mass transit. The use of high-temperature materials or low fire hazard polyolefin for use in areas where people safety are defacto standard the WMX liner can be produced and mounted with 10 grades of wire label sleeves.

Label Printer.

The heat shrink marker sleeves are printed using thermal transfer technology wire label printers from CAB or other brands. Using the CAB XD series printer and the WMX liner this double-sided wire marker printer ensures optimum legibility on the conductors. The easy-to-use centering function for the printing material makes it possible to mark media such a the WMX wire label sleeves. The spools fit perfectly into the printer and no external media hub is required. The use of a laser is also possible. Please consult us with your requirements.

e-PRINT Label Software

The ePRINT label software feels like you are working in Microsoft Word.

ePRINT lets you quickly design your labels,
No prior knowledge of bar-coding or designer training is needed.

The main advantage of ePrint is its ease of use and
the ability to be customized further to better suit your
work process. e-Print includes all functions prerequisite
for label design. Fully – customization of  text utilizing any
True Type font, images, and an assortment of
industry-standard 1D and 2D bar codes can be
embedded into your label designs to meet your
business partners’ requirements.

NiceLabel Software.

Everything you need to create label designs get started to get the job done quickly.

The Nicelabel software 2017 version is a professional PC software solution, which gives the user a complete barcode and printer solution. The user interfaces design making it easy to use, with smart tools and unique data access through tutorials.

NiceLabel Design and Print software help you quickly design labels and create an efficient printing process so you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about print errors every day. Quickly design professional labels without making investments in training and coding.

You get all the design features needed for easy labels designs. No coding or training is needed to design perfect labels within minutes.

Nicelabel supplied in Express and Pro versions.

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