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Print And Seal

Print & Seal is a premium product. Extremly quick and easy to print and apply and gives the printed label protection with the clear over laminating on-site. The Print and Seal are printed using thermal transfer printing technology and desiged for many applications where ID of parts are required. Printing is quicker, more efficient and cost effective, while the results are durable and long lasting outdoor and combined with the rubber hybridised acrylic adhesive it sticks to very rough plastic substrates – even contaminated surfaces to harsch chemicals and high temperatures for example in the automotive industry.

Excellent TT printablility
Identify : Rental Companies ID of all equipment, Cabinets, Panels, Components, Asset ID, Name plates, and many more applications.

CE Marking CE 2006-42-EF machinery directive marking. Print / Seal is perfect for this job.

* High scratch and rub resistance ideal for rough surfaces
* Name plate quality and faster than engraving
* Ideal for labelling exposed to chemicals and high Temperatures outdoor
* Professional look with sharp and crisp legends
* Gloss finish and foamed backed adhesive for strong holding for rough surfaces
* Durability of up to7 years outdoor (vertical Exposure) – Conditions apply
* UL CSA recognised label material

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